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Commonly asked questions:

  • When does my Claim of Lien expire?

A Claim of Lien automatically expires one year after it was recorded unless you have filed a lawsuit to foreclose on the Claim of Lien in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Florida's lien laws

Florida's lien laws apply to the construction related improvements of most real estate properties. This includes most commercial and residential construction. If the contractor has posted a bond for the project, or the property is government owned, some different portions of Florida law will usually apply.

Things to consider before filing a lawsuit to foreclose on your Claim of Lien.

Florida lien law is very specific as to whom, how and when a contractor can file a Claim of Lien. There are also many prerequisites to the recording of a Claim of Lien. Failure to comply with the requirements of Florida Statute Chapter 713 could render an otherwise valid Claim of Lien unenforceable. Below is a list of the most common mistakes we see.